qeqe’s development story

First of all, english is not my main language, so if you are a spanish speaker, you might rather read this spanish version, if you are not a spanish speaker… well… i am really sorry about the grammatical-heresy you are about to read ^^’

I am sleepy.. it’s 1:25 am. 16 hours ago I started to develop the undo and the reset of the levels. 12 hours ago, I decided to make a teaser, and started to design the levels. 1 hour ago I finished recording the teaser’s gameplay. 31 minutes ago i finished doing the last modifications to the executable. 20 minutes ago, i created the qeqe’s itch.io page, and finished uploading the youtube video. 3 minutes ago, i decided to write this blog entry, and not to go to sleep until it is done XD

The year was 2014, I was offered to be part of a gamedev team on the GGJ2014 as an artist. We developed “Dónde estás Pepe?”, and our team was elected as the local winner, besides of that, i was not happy with the result. I am a programmer, not an artist… I love to code! but the times i can be a programmer on a gamedeving team are really scarce .__. so, after the GGJ2014, i decided it: “I am going to learn to be a programmer of videogames”.

I already knew how to code, but I only coded algorithms, printing and reading from the console. By then, i didn’t know to code on javascript. When i was a kid, i used to play games from newgrounds all the time, so I decided to develop games for web with phaser.

I spent a whole year spanking my head on the desk, trying to learn phaser, and every time I found a problem, i didn’t know if the problem was because of my lack of knowledge on javascript, or because of my noobness on phaser, or because of a bug on phaser, or because of a bug on my logic D’: those were harsh months.

Three months remaining for the GGJ2015 I decided to make my first game: a global warming game as a global game jam warming, which is a game about global warming that i made as a warming for the global game jam XD

but.. what about qeqe? well…

The original game of qeqe was SpiderDog. I created qeqe, because i wanted to learn to play with gravity in platform games. So i decided to make a game about a dog that could climb the walls and the roofs, just like a spider! but in order to achieve that, i needed to learn to use tilemaps.

As it was only a game created with the objective of teaching myself to play with gravity in games, i really didn’t focused much on the art… I made a dog with sticks lol.

I had a really good time learning to use tilemaps… so i decided to let qeqe dig holes on the tilemaps, so he could modify it’s environment.

I developed an algorithm that made the borders of the dirt to smartly fit depending on it’s neighbors, so that the dirt doesn’t looked like overlapped every time qeqe made a hole. And that was it! qeqe was able to make holes on the tilemap.

It was kind of boring though. Qeqe needed a motivation for making holes… is there a better motivation for a dog to make holes than finding bones? well… that’s how the bones were born.

But… if the bones are hidden, then qeqe is gonna have a hard time finding them… and that’s how the bone tracking was born XD

I think it took me 3 or 2 weeks to develop qeqe. I really didn’t put a lot of effort on him, but every time i make my friends play my games, qeqe is the game they like the most!

and that’s why i decided to continue it’s development, so more people can enjoy it :D

so, if you want to play the teaser, plase, download it from here: https://vengadoravg.itch.io/qeqe

And if you get stuck on the teaser, there is a little walkthrough i made: https://youtu.be/W1NdabKynNY

aaaand if you want to play SpiderDog, (the original version of qeqe) you can do so right here: http://vengadoravg.github.io/qeqe/index.html

as qeqe is released under the GPLv3.0, you can also explore it’s source code and clone the project! https://github.com/VengadoraVG/qeqe

Well… it is already 2:30 am, and i am really, really sleepy now… so… good nights~!

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